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Covid -19 was declared pandemic in the month of March 2021 .People were yet to recover from the aftermath of 1st wave, the second wave struck us really hard and the entire nation was caught unaware of the gravity and scale of the disease. As time passed by, the virus began to take its toll on all our lives and it changed how we live forever.

During the first wave, cases began to increase gradually and peaked during the month of August and September 2020. Doctors, health-care workers, and frontline workers are leading the battle against COVID-19 with selfless determination putting their own health, families and most importantly their own lives at risk. They truly are our heroes in these challenging times.

Inhouse Medicare as health care provider began its journey in battling the disease during the early days of the 1st wave by educating its staff and the public about COVID-19 through several platforms including social media. This was the very first step in understanding the disease and preventing its spread.

As the disease began to spread among the people of Coimbatore, early detection and containment was only possible by expanding the testing services to majority of the general public. Our team stepped in at this crucial period by providing sample collection for RT-PCR swab test by trained personnel strictly adhering to the government guidelines. This significantly reduced the need for the public to leave their home and unnecessarily put themselves at the risk of contracting the disease. Inhouse medicare in partnership with NABL accredited labs in Coimbatore provided the latest and most effective RT PCR Covid 19 tests to the public.

The year 2021 greeted us with the exciting news of Covid Vaccine. The vaccination programme began on 16th January 2021 across the nation in government authorised facilities. Private health care providers including Inhouse Medicare (Covid Vaccine Center) started vaccine administration to the public at our facility in Ramnagar, Coimbatore. With the appropriate authorization from the local government; we also conducted vaccination drives at senior citizen homes.

As the number of cases started increasing in the 2nd wave, Inhouse Medicare introduced door step doctor consultations for covid suspect as well as covid positive asymptomatic patients.

This also included medicine delivery and home lab collection. We took all the required precautionary measures to ensure compliance with Government regulations, and safety of both patients and our staff.

Home Qurantine services provided by Inhouse Medicare eased the pressure on requirement for hospital beds, in particular for asymptomatic patients and patients with mild symptoms.

Inhouse Medicare also offers Corona Sanitization of the infected house. We provide professional disinfection, fumigation and sanitization services at your doorstep.

Recently, we have taken efforts to introduce Post Covid Rehabilitation services. It is a holistic programme encompassing mainly Exercises, pulmonary rehabilitation, nutrition, nursing management and psycho social support.

Inhouse medicare has designed packages that can be individualized based on the specific requirements of the patient in order to improve their overall health and life style following Corona infection.