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Covid 19 Home Care

In the early days of the 1st wave, Inhouse Medicare as a health care provider started its adventure in combating COVID-19 by teaching its personnel and the public about COVID-19 using a variety of channels, including social media. This was the first stage in learning about the illness and stopping its spread.
Expanding testing facilities to the bulk of the general populace was necessary for early diagnosis and control as the illness spread among the people of Coimbatore. During this time of crisis, our team stepped in to provide swab sample collection for RT-PCR testing, with all workers following federal rules. The public didn’t have to go out into potentially infected areas nearly as much as a result of this measure. The most up-to-date and accurate RT PCR Covid 19 tests were made available to the public by Inhouse Healthcare in collaboration with NABL-accredited laboratories in Coimbatore.
Exciting news about the COVID vaccine arrived in 2021. The nationwide immunisation campaign started in government-approved clinics on January 16, 2021. Vaccinations are now being offered to the general public at our clinic in Ramnagar, Coimbatore, by private medical organisations like Inhouse Medicare (Covid Vaccine Center). We also organised immunisation efforts in retirement communities after receiving the necessary permits from the authorities.

Home quarantine service

During the second wave, as the number of cases began to rise, Inhouse Medicare began offering door-to-door medical consultations to both symptomatic and asymptomatic people who tested positive for COVID. Medicine was delivered, and blood was collected at home. It is important to us that our patients and employees are safe, so we have taken all necessary precautions and followed all applicable laws and regulations. Inhouse Medicare’s Home Quarantine Services reduced the need for acute care hospital beds, especially for those patients who had no or few symptoms.

COVID-19 home sanitisation service

Inhouse Medicare also offers COVID-19 sanitization of the infected house. We provide professional disinfection, fumigation and sanitization services at your doorstep.

Post-COVID rehabilitation service

We’ve been working hard recently to spread the word about our post-COVID rehabilitation services. Exercises, pulmonary rehabilitation, nutrition, nurse management, and psychosocial support are all major components of this comprehensive approach. To help patients recover from a Corona infection and lead healthier lives, in-house healthcare providers have created flexible package options.