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elder care services

Elder care Services At Home

Elder care services are specially designed to fulfil the specific needs and requirements unique to senior citizens. In elder care the emphasis is on social and personal requirements of senior citizens. As a person starts to grow older with failing memory, mobility affects their ability to complete the activities of daily living.

Elder care may be needed when a health condition whether physical, cognitive, emotional hinders the ability to safely complete activities of daily living. Old age is a sensitive phase where elder people need care and comfort to lead a healthy life without worries and anxiety. They desire a life with good health, dignity and economic independence. Inhouse Medicare specialises in elder care in the comfort of their own homes. Inhouse elder care home services is patient centered, reliable, dependable and quality care at your doorstep. Senior citizens also have various options of staying in senior living communities depending upon the health conditions of the individual.

I. Independent living communities

Independent living communities provides senior residents with the convenience of living within a community independently in their own apartment or house. These communities provide services and amenities such as housekeeping, dining, transportation, security, social activities etc.

II. Assisted living facilities

Assisted living facilities are created with primary focus to help the residents with activities of daily living. It is a long term senior care option.

III. Skilled nursing facility

A skilled nursing facility is an in-patient rehabilitation centre staffed with trained medical professionals offering round the clock nursing services complete with physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and audiologists.

IV. Hospice care

Hospice care is end of life care. Hospice is designed to provide supportive care to people in the final phase of terminal illness. The focus is on comfort and quality of life, rather than cure. The goal is to keep the patients comfortable and free of pain, so that they live each day as fully as possible. We treat the person rather than the disease and focus on quality of life.

Exemplary support and personalized elderly care

"Inhouse Medicare provides compassionate and reliable home care services which help to keep elders safe and independent."