Frequently Asked Questions

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Home health care allows a person to be discharged earlier from hospital, reduces hospital admissions, and helps with a faster recovery. Most importantly people are happier at home and receive more care and attention from family, friends and home health care professionals.
-people of all ages
-People who can leave the hospital or nursing home but need additional care
-people who have short-term health needs
-people who need assistance, due to age or disability, to remain at home
- people who need education about the disease process and training on how to best care for themselves
The home care team is interdisciplinary and usually includes nurses, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, social workers, registered dietitians, and home health care aides
Home bound simply means that the patient's condition prevents them from being able to safely leave their home without assistance from others or assistive devices such as canes, walker, hutches or wheel chair