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Geriatric Care Services

We provide outstanding and high-quality geriatric care for the elderly in the convenience of their homes.

Best Geriatric Care Services at Home in Coimbatore


Getting older may be a challenging experience when your health begins to decline, and you become more and more dependent on others for your everyday activities. Most elderly people find comfort in staying in a familiar environment where they have spent the most of their lives.

At Inhouse Medicare, we provide outstanding and high-quality geriatric care for the elderly in the convenience of their homes. We aim to bring a comprehensive health solution to meet all aging needs at home and in a cost-effective manner. Our geriatric care services include doctor visits, diagnostic care, nutrition care, medication administration, and physiotherapy, etc

Services offered by our geriatric care centre


Trained attendants and caretakers in our geriatric care centre can help to tackle all the challenges that older people have, whether they are medical, psychological, or sociological factors. We understand that senior adults require special care and attention in order to meet their various needs and carry out daily tasks with ease. That is why we designed our services to meet their demands and to increase the independence and well-being of senior citizens. We provide nursing care, physiotherapy, doctor visits, rehabilitation, sample collection, medicine delivery, and a variety of other services at your doorstep. Furthermore, our healthcare attendant will assist, supervise, and monitor the patient and educate them about their condition, check their health status regularly, administer the appropriate treatment and medicine, and support them in properly managing and controlling their illness.

Our team of skilled nurses and caregivers compassionately assists them with their everyday tasks and dietary requirements, and makes aging at home a better and more peaceful experience for the elderly, allowing them to spend their old age in optimal health. Through our geriatric care services, your loved one will receive the help they need to live a life of quality, dignity, and independence and to stay on track with their healthcare needs and treatments. By integrating personal and clinical care, Inhouse Medicare has established itself as a trusted source for managing all age-related health conditions and offering geriatric care at home in Coimbatore.

The advantages of geriatric home care from Inhouse Medicare include

  • Maintaining and improving the quality of life
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Personalized care and companionship 
  • Constant support and the right guidance
  • Peace of mind for the family