Stroke rehabilitation Care Services

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Stroke rehabilitation Care Services

Stroke causes significant impairment in language, cognition motor, and sensory skills leading to serious long term disability. Recovery from stroke can be a lengthy process that requires patient's hard work and commitment.

Stroke rehabilitation is a progressive dynamic, goal oriented process aimed at enabling a person with impairment to reach their optimal physical, cognitive, emotional, communicative and functional level.

Stroke rehabilitation should commence at the same time as actual medical management


  • Achieve maximum level of functional independence
  • Facilitate neurological recovery
  • Minimize disability
  • Successfully reintegrate back into home, family and community
  • Re-establish a meaningful and gratifying life
  • Goals

    • Exercise and other treatments to facilitate recovery and reduce impairment of limbs
    • Functional training to compensate for residual impairments
    • Use of assistive devices such as braces or wheelchairs, to substitute for lost function
    • Long term goal of rehabilitation is to help improve the stroke survivor's physical and cognitive functions to relearn the skills they have lost, and to ultimately improve their overall quality of life so that they can become as independent as possible.

      Types of stroke rehabilitation

      Physical therapy: Focuses of strengthening motor skills
      Cognitive therapy: This therapy is used for communication disorder caused by stroke damage in the brain.
      Psychiatric therapy: Stroke causes brain changes that can actually cause depression depending on the area of brain involved and secondary to being incapacitated and dependent. Stroke rehabilitation helps those who have suffered strokes to relearn the skills they lost due to the brain damage caused by the stroke

      With effective stroke rehabilitation therapy as well as great deal of determination, hard work, and patience, Inhouse medicare can take your life back from stroke and overcome many of the challenges it brings to move on to a fulfilling future and rehabilitation physiatrist can help you chalk a comprehensive recovery plan for patients recovering from stroke.

      Our recovery team includes

      Physiatrist - Specializes in rehabilitation following injury, accidents or illness. Inhousemedicare's consultant neurologist specializes in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of stroke.
      Rehabilitation nurses - Helps the patient with disabilities and to manage health problems
      Physical therapist - Inhouse medicare's physical therapist helps with problems in moving and balance, suggesting exercise to strengthen muscles for walking, standing and other activities.
      Occupational therapist - Inhouse medicare's occupational therapist helps with improving stroke patients emotional, social and physical needs.