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Empowering Change Through Community Events

Caring for Seniors: The Way They Deserve

Inhouse Medicare has launched a Senior Helpline, The helpline is staffed by compassionate and experienced professionals who can answer seniors’ questions and concerns about their health, well-being, and quality of life. The helpline can also help seniors to schedule appointments, coordinate care, and find resources and support in their community.

Alzheimer's Awareness Walkathon: Uniting for a World Without Alzheimer's

Our Alzheimer’s Awareness Walkathon launched a movement, leaving a profound impact on changing perceptions about the disease and uniting communities
About Us

Complete and Quality Healthcare Solutions at Your Doorstep

Taking care of your loved ones can be challenging with age-related ailments, chronic illnesses, or injuries if you have to make rounds of healthcare facilities day and night. At Inhouse Medicare we provide complete and premier healthcare services in the comfort of your home. Located in Coimbatore, we deliver quality medical treatments, consultations, nursing services, pharmacy, physiotherapy, elderly care, palliative care, and diagnostic services at your doorstep.

We believe that patients heal faster in a comfortable and familiar environment and thus provide innovation with quality and a broad spectrum of healthcare services customized as per your and the patients’ needs and comfort, delivered to your doorstep.


Comfortable. Caring. Compassionate.

Providing the healthcare assistance you need.


With modern aesthetics for comfortable living spaces and advanced medical technology, Inhouse Medicare provides compassionate and expert, comprehensive clinical care to all patients, keeping their families comfortable and worry-free.

Our Services

What Service We Offer


Doctor Consultation

Experienced medical consultants to provide you with a holistic health view at your home.


Skilled Nursing Facilities

Specialized nursing staff trained to care for patients suffering from long-term illnesses.


Nursing Services

Experienced nursing staff provides 24-by-7 care and attends to all the patient needs.


Trained Attendant Services

Trained and trustworthy caregivers to ease your day and provide compassionate care for the patient.


Elderly Care Services

Experienced professionals who provide safe and compassionate care and support to elderly patients.


Palliative Care Services

Holistic approach aimed at improving the quality of life for patients with specialized care.

Why Us?

Making a Difference with Innovation and Personalisation.

At Inhouse Medicare, we understand the effort and pain it takes to provide complete medical care and support to a chronic patient. With advanced medical facilities and experienced and trained professionals, we provide complete medical care and support for all patients in the comfort of their homes. With innovative medical solutions ranging from clinical care to diagnostics, pharmacy, and physiotherapy, Inhouse Medicare aims to make recovery a smoother and more comfortable process for everyone.

Bringing Healthcare to you

Google Reviews

Dushyanth D
Dushyanth D
Very good service,staff were very professional and punctual,no headache or any missinformation was provided
KrishnaKumar Parthasarathy
KrishnaKumar Parthasarathy
Professional Care at door step.
Raghunathan Purisai
Raghunathan Purisai
This is an Organised Company, disciplined staff, head
Padma S
Padma S
I am satisfy With Chithra. She is very attached and nice spoken. There is no problem with her.
Vinodh Rajesh
Vinodh Rajesh
I really appreciate the service they provided.
NM.Prabhu. ADMK
NM.Prabhu. ADMK
Very good service
subramhanian ramaswamy
subramhanian ramaswamy
In the midst of a city, within reach this facility is very useful for working couples to take care of their old aged relatives. Particularly when they need the care and support by trained nurses and medical advice. My mother in law was here from February to August 23 when she broke her ankle. The staff took care of her very well. Regards. Subramanian

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